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1. When will eInvoice go live for District Criminal, County Criminal, and juvenile courts?
2. What case types will be billable through the new eInvoice?
3. What case types will be excluded from eInvoice?
4. I already started billing against a case using the old method – what should I do?
5. An invoice I submitted using the old method was rejected – how should I re-submit it? 
6. How do I get a Bexar Vendor Number?
7. How can I find my existing Bexar County Vendor Number?
8. Why is there an N/A in the Name and Style fields when I pull up a case number in the new system?
9. How do I update my address and contact information for payment and tax purposes?
10. Do I use the new eInvoice system to bill on my County Civil Court appointment?
11. How do I view an invoice submitted in the old system?