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1. When will eInvoice go live for District Criminal, County Criminal, and juvenile courts?
2. What case types will be excluded from eInvoice?
3. I already started billing against a case using the old method – what should I do?
4. An invoice I submitted using the old method was rejected – how should I re-submit it? 
5. How do I get a Bexar Vendor Number?
6. How can I find my existing Bexar County Vendor Number?
7. Why is there an N/A in the Name and Style fields when I pull up a case number in the new system?
8. What case types will be billable through the new eInvoice?
9. How do I update my address and contact information for payment and tax purposes?
10. Do I use the new eInvoice system to bill on my County Civil Court appointment?