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1. How do I apply for utility assistance?
2. I was certified for utility assistance, when should I expect my payment to be made?
3. I qualified for help last year, why do u always have to re-apply each year.
4. My neighbor turned in her application after me, but she was helped first. Why is that?
5. My spouse/roommate moved out last week, do I have to include them in my application?
6. My utility bill is under someone else’s name. Can I still apply?
7. I cannot provide proof of my U.S. citizenship, Can I still apply?
8. Do I have to submit all new paperwork even though I was in the in the system last year?
9. How do I know if I qualified?
10. Is Bexar County going to pay my full bill?
11. What happens once I submit my application?
12. What if my services are scheduled for disconnection?
13. How long will it take you to work on my application?
14. Why was my application denied?
15. I was denied, but still need help, can I reapply?
16. If Bexar County cannot help me, what are my options for getting my bill paid?
17. I submitted all my documents online, I did not receive a response.
18. What if I don’t have access to a computer or internet?