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1. I was awarded money that was deposited in a lawsuit, how do I obtain it?
2. There used to be money in the registry for me but it was escheated to the State, now what?
3. I am now 18 and there was money that was held in the registry for me, now what?
4. I was awarded money that was deposited but I’m Pro Se, how can I obtain it on my own?
5. I need to request a refund, how can I do that?
6. I would like to request a report of all funds currently on deposit, how can I obtain that?
7. I submitted a motion/order that was signed by the Judge, now what?
8. What is the status of my refund check?
9. I would like to know the registry balance on a case, how can I find that?
10. I submitted a check that bounced, how can I resolve it?
11. How long will it take before I can receive my money?
12. Can I request my money be transferred to my bank account instead of a check?
13. My check was less than what was deposited, why is that?
14. Where is your office located?