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1. What do I do when a loved one dies and is taken to the Medical Examiner's Office?
2. How long do I have to make funeral arrangements for my loved one?
3. What if I can't afford to make my loved one's funeral arrangements? Are there any agencies that can give me assistance?
4. Is it necessary for me to come to the Medical Examiner's Office to identify a body?
5. Will personal effects be released to the family?
6. Are autopsies done on all cases?
7. Do I have to pay for an autopsy?
8. Will an autopsy interfere with an open casket viewing?
9. Who can get a copy of the autopsy report?
10. How can I get a copy of the autopsy report?
11. Where can I obtain a copy of the Death Certificate?
12. How can I become a medical examiner?
13. What types of employment opportunities are there at the Medical Examiner's Office?