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Evaluation Form: The Turner School of Construction Management

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  4. Training Evaluation

    The Turner School of Construction Management

    This program was designed to assist small contractors in understanding the basic elements of running a commercial construction business. The program focused on both technical and administrative skills, with a special emphasis on how to do business with Bexar County.

    Please indicate your level of agreement with the statements listed below in #1-10.

  5. Please provide us with your Business Contact Information.
  6. 1. The objectives of the sessions were clearly defined.*
  7. 2. Participation and interaction were encouraged.*
  8. 3. The topics covered were relevant.*
  9. 4. The content was organized and easy to follow.*
  10. 5. The slide presentations were helpful.*
  11. 6. The training experience will be helpful in my business.*
  12. 7. The trainers were knowledgeable about the training topics.*
  13. 8. The trainers were well prepared.*
  14. 9. The training objectives were met.*
  15. 10. The time allotted for the sessions were sufficient.*
  16. 11. Do you do business with Bexar County, Turner Construction or both?*
  17. Thank you for your feedback!

  18. Contact Information

    If there are any issues with this form, or you have more questions about the "Turner School 2021" program, please contact:

    Brenda Rodriguez
    DBE Contract Compliance Specialist
    Bexar County Small Business & Entrepreneurship Department
    101 W. Nueva St, Ste 112
    San Antonio, TX 78205
    Office: (210) 335-0678
    Cell: (210) 609-2670
    Fax: (210) 335-0673
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