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COVID-19 Essential Items Bag Program

  1. COVID-19 Essential Items Bag Program

    Bexar County has launched of the “COVID -19 Essential Items Bag” program to support small businesses in the transition to “moderate risk” COVID-19 protocols. The program provides a free, one-week supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) to sole proprietors and businesses with less than 25 employees located in the suburban cities and unincorporated areas of the county.

  2. Businesses within the San Antonio city limits should register on the City’s website or by calling 3-1-1 for supplies.

  3. The ability for businesses to obtain and utilize personal protective equipment (touchless thermometers, facemasks, hand sanitizer, gloves and Plexiglas covering) to help protect their employees is critical in helping our community get back to work and stay at work. We hope that this program will jump-start the transition while businesses line up long-term supplies.

  4. Because COVID -19 Essential Items are being provided on a one-time basis, businesses are recommended to establish vendor relationships to allow them continued access to PPE going forward and to buy local where possible. A list of local PPE vendors can be found here.

  5. Due to limited supply, every consideration was given in an attempt to meet demand. All of the current bags have been distributed.

  6. Please let us know if you are registering because of the following:

  7. Have you receive a bag from one the suburban cities?

      1. Would you like to be considered if more supplies become available?

          1. Please complete the information as follows:

          2. Do you own a small business located in Bexar County but outside the San Antonio City limits?

              1. Businesses **within the San Antonio city limits** should register on the City’s website or by calling 3-1-1 for supplies.

              2. Do you have less than 25 employees (including owners, full time, part time and contract workers) in your business per location?

                  1. Was your business operating before March 1, 2020?

                      1. (i.e., Have you changed the primary focus of your business?)

                      2. Please choose one option for loss in revenue post-COVID- 19 (since March 1, 2020):

                      3. Have you applied or received funding from any of the CARES ACT Programs?

                        (Select all that apply.)

                      4. If not, are you eligible?

                          1. If not, were the funds exhausted before you could receive confirmation on your application?

                              1. If not, were the funds exhausted before you could apply?

                                  1. Did any of the following assist you with filing the loan or grant application?

                                  2. Please let us know an estimate of COVID Essential Supplies the county can assist with for your business to operate for one week. (Due to limited supply, every consideration will be given in an attempt to meet demand.)

                                  3. Please indicate if you will need the following COVID Essential Item:

                                  4. Touchless thermometer

                                  5. Plexiglas for cashier counter

                                  6. For more information or assistance, please send an email to or call 210-335-2478.

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