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Bexar County SMWBE Program Annual Stakeholder Survey

  1. We Value Your Opinion!
    The Bexar County Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Program Advisory Committee invite you to participate in a survey that will assist Bexar County in its efforts to evaluate our procurement and outreach efforts.
  2. Section I: Company Information
  3. 2. Have you registered with the Bexar County on-line notification system? *
      1. 5. Have you encountered obstacle(s) in doing business with Bexar County? *
          1. Section II: Certification
          2. 7. Has becoming certified met your business expectations? *
              1. 8. Indicate the certifications you have sought: (check all that apply) *
              2. 10. What public or private sector agencies have certified your business? *
              3. 11. Do you feel that certification has affected your ability to obtain business when bidding on public/private sector contracts?*
                  1. 12. Do you receive notices to submit bids/quotes on projects with or to supply services or commodities to SCTRCA member agencies? (Please indicate for each entity)
                  2. 13. How do you most frequently learn about bid opportunities? *
                  3. Section III: Outreach
                  4. 14. What programs, seminars or workshops would you like to see implemented that would help you to do business with Bexar County?*
                  5. 15. Would you attend a public forum to discuss SMWBE Program issues with Bexar County officials? *
                      1. What time is best for you? *
                          1. 16. Would you like to be contacted to schedule an appointment with the SMWBE staff? *
                              1. 17. What Bexar County SMWBE events do you attend?*
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