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2019 2nd Chance Job Fair - Formerly Incarcerated Registration Form

  1. Bexar County 2nd Chance Job Fair

    Many people with criminal records have very good careers. It may be difficult to search for a job if you have a felony conviction, but it isn’t impossible.

    Part of a successful life after incarceration is getting and keeping a good job. Besides getting paid, having a steady job can also give you: an employment history that can help you find even better jobs down the road; a feeling of pride; and, the time to learn about different ways of thinking and doing things.

    There are many programs that help people reenter the workforce after a criminal conviction. Bexar County is committed to help formerly incarcerated individuals to reap the benefit of the business and job opportunities available in our community. Competitively speaking, as our area continues to grow and prosper, there is a great need for a well-trained and developed work force. Therefore, we have partnered with Workforce Solutions Alamo and many other non-profits involved in preparing and supporting our targeted population.

    Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert, Precinct 4, is coordinating this effort. This event is schedule to be held on October 23th, 2019 from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm at Freeman Coliseum, 3201 E. Houston, San Antonio, Texas 78219. Free Admission and parking!

  2. Job Seeker Information

  3. Do You Have a High School Diploma or GED?*

  4. Please List Your Top 3 Job Interests

    Enter Job Fields You Would Be Interested In Working In Or That You Have Experience In.

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  9. Do You Have Health Insurance?

  10. Will you need a bus pass to travel to the Freeman Coliseum?

  11. Get Ready Assistance Days

    Job seekers will be provided information and assistance with Job Fair preparation: (Check all that you need assistance)
    • Resumes
    • Interview and Presentation Skills
    • Business Clothing
    • Bus Passes
    • Counseling Services
    • Community Service
    • Family Support
    • Child Care

    For more information, please contact Debra Jordan, Bexar County Re-Entry Program Manager at (210) 335-8744 or by email

  12. Will you contact the Bexar County Reentry Center to Get Assistance prior to the Job Fair?

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