Bexar County Forms

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  1. Do You Have a High School Diploma?*
  2. Have you ever served in the military?*
  3. Are you a Veteran?*
  4. Do You Have Health Insurance?*
  5. Please List Your Top 3 Job Interests

    Enter Job Fields You Would Be Interested In Working In Or That You Have Experience In.

  6. Are You Currently Working?*
  7. Did COVID force you to have a career change?*
  8. Will you need a bus pass to access a facility with computers for the virtual job fair?*
  9. Will you need computer and/or internet access to submit an application online?*
  10. Would you like someone from the Reentry Center to contact you before this job fair?*
  11. The purpose of this event is to help individuals that have been to jails and prisons. Were you formerly incarcerated? *
  12. Are you registered with Work in Texas?*
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