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Youth Sports Coach Application

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  2. What sport(s) and division are you interested in coaching?*


  3. Please select the position(s) you are interested in coaching:*
  4. Are you CPR/First Aid certified?*

  6. Background Check*

    By checking the box above, I consent to have a background check which may include fingerprinting. I certify that all information on this form is true to the best of my knowledge, and any omissions or misstatements of fact may be cause for rejection of this application or discharge from County service. I also authorize Bexar County to make all necessary and appropriate investigations allowable by law to verify the information provided. It is my responsibility to keep Bexar County Parks and Recreations about any changes of address, phone number or criminal record. 

  7. Bexar County Parks & Recreation will contact you regarding your application once the application has been reviewed. Thank you for volunteering with Bexar County Youth Sports Program!
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