Bexar County Forms

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Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4

  1. Request Administrative Dismissal
  2. Request for a Driving Safety Course

    If eligible, complete this form to request for a Driving Safety Course, and have a judge review your request.

  3. Request to Submit Case for review to the District Attorney

    Submit a request to plea Not Guilty and have an Assistant District Attorney review your case.

  1. Request Deferred Adjudication (Deferred Disposition/Probation)

    Submit a request for a Judge to review your case for Deferred Adjudication (Deferred Disposition/Probation).

  2. Request to Be Heard Remotely

    The Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 Court has been using the Zoom platform for conducting remote proceedings. To request a remote court... More…

  3. Submit Proof of Compliance with Court Orders

    Use this form to submit proof of your compliance with court orders from the Justice Court of Precinct 4.