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Request Administrative Dismissal

  1. Certain violations, such as Driving without a License, No Insurance, No Vehicle Registration, No Hunting/Fishing License, No Hunter's Education Course, and other similar types of violations, may possibly be dismissed either with or without payment of a statutorily required administrative fee by submitted proof of the documentation in effect on the date of the offense.

    If you wish to submit your proof for review by the Judge for possible dismissal, please submit the following information and your proof of compliance:
  2. Valid Driver License
    By checking this box, you state that you have a valid driver license (unless you are active duty military). You will be asked to provide proof.
  3. For example: broken tail lamp, window tint violations, no insurance, expired registration, etc.
  4. Attach a copy of your citation if you have one available.
  5. Plea
  6. Are you, or do you believe you are, indigent?
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