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Request to Submit Case for review to the District Attorney

  1. If you wish to plea “Not Guilty,” you may submit your case for review by an Assistant District Attorney (ADA). An ADA will review your case and decide how to proceed on your case. In order to have an ADA review your case, please complete the form below (you may also submit your request in writing by regular mail). For more information, review the "Handling Citations Online" document.
  2. For example: speeding, no insurance, expired registration, etc.
  3. Attach a copy of your citation if you have one available.
  4. Plea
  5. Why do you believe you are not guilty of the charged offense?
  6. Are you, or do you believe you are, indigent?
  7. If I decide not to accept the ADA offer, I want to have my case decided by:
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