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Request to Be Heard Remotely

  1. Please do not use this form to submit an original petition.
  2. The Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 Court has been using the Zoom platform for conducting remote proceedings. You may appear for a Zoom hearing either by video or by telephone. To appear by video on Zoom, you must have an electronic device with internet connectivity and video and sound capability, such as iPhone, Android, tablets, laptops, and home computers. To run a test on the Zoom platform, go to this website: For more information on appearing remotely in court, view the "Appearing in Court Remotely (Virtual Court)" information.

    To request a remote court hearing, please fill in the following information:
  3. Other Party
    If the hearing involves a civil matter to which both parties have agreed, provide the contact information of the other party.
  4. Documents/Evidence
    Attach any documents or other evidence you would like the Court consider at the hearing (make sure documents are provided to the other party if applicable).
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