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Grand Juror Summons Questionnaire - 399th District Court

  1. Grand Jury Selection for the 399th District Court

    If you have been notified to appear before the Honorable Frank Castro, 399th District Court for Grand Jury Selection, please complete the form below by the date on your summons.

  2. How do you prefer to receive notifications about Grand Jury service?*

  3. Which one best applies to you:*

  4. Do you have internet access and technology capability to serve remotely?*

  5. Do you have a computer, tablet, or cellphone with a camera or webcam?*

  6. If your cellphone is your ONLY access to the internet, do you have a plan with unlimited data usage?*

  7. Have you used Zoom at home or work?*

  8. Do you have the ability to listen to audio from your device through headphones or earbuds?*

  9. Do you have the ability to participate remotely without interruption or distraction?*

  10. If you answered "NO":*

    Select any that apply to your situation.

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