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Bexar FireSHIELD Registration

  1. Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Logo - BCOEM
  2. Bexar FireSHIELD Program Registration

    The Bexar FireSHIELD program allows the Bexar County Fire Marshal’s Office and Office of Emergency Management to communicate between our regional fire service and public safety partners.

    The purpose of this program is to strengthen sharing of information and intelligence relating to threats and hazards in our community that may pose a risk to firefighter/officer safety.

    Membership is open to any member of a fire department or public safety agency in our region with supervisory or command level responsibilities. If you meet the eligibility criteria, sign up now!

  3. Only official agency e-mail addresses will be accepted.

  4. Validation

    Once your information has been validated, you will be registered onto the BEXAR FireSHIELD Email distribution list.

  5. Information Sharing

    Bexar FireSHIELD members may submit information to Bexar FireSHIELD at, once received we'll distribute it to the wider information sharing network. We will credit the originating agency on any such information. We would like this two-way communication platform!

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