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  1. HOME-ARP Survey

    The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (“ARPA”) appropriated $5 billion to communities across the U.S. to provide housing, services, and shelter to individuals experiencing homelessness and other vulnerable populations. As part of the ARPA, Bexar County received $2,544,520 in supplemental funding through the Home Investment Partnership Program - American Rescue Plan Act (HOME-ARP).

    HOME-ARP is intended to assist individuals or households who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, and other vulnerable populations, by providing housing, rental assistance, supportive services, and non-congregate shelter, with the goal of reducing homelessness and increasing housing stability. HOME-ARP funds must be spent by September 30, 2030.

    The following survey is intended to collect stakeholder input which will be used to inform our investment strategy for HOME-ARP funds. 

  2. 1. What qualifying homeless or near homeless population groups should be prioritized with HOME-ARP funds?
  3. 2. Please rank the order in which these activities are most needed to address homelessness and housing insecurity.
  4. 3. What are the top housing needs in Bexar County?
  5. 4. For supportive services for the homeless, what do you think is important to help homeless stay housed and not return to homelessness (check all that apply):
  6. 7. Which type of organization best describes your group or affiliation?
  7. Thank you for completing our survey. We appreciate your feedback!
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