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Request for Removal or Temporary Hold from Misdemeanor Appointment Wheel (SB7)

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  2. Misdemeanor Appointment Wheel (SB7) Forms

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  3. Request for Removal or Temporary Hold from Misdemeanor Appointment Wheel (SB7)

    Please fill out the form completely, using as many lines needed. County Court Administration will review your request and return the form by filling out the bottom portion with the status of your request. Please note, this form is intended only for attorneys on the misdemeanor appointment wheel. For changes to any of the other appointment wheels, (i.e. felony, juvenile, etc.), please contact the corresponding administrative offices.

  4. Attorney Information

  5. Removal or Hold Information

  6. Is this a temporary hold on new case appointments by the system or complete removal from the misdemeanor wheel appointment rotation?*
  7. Note: Court Administration can place up to a 90-day hold on new incoming cases within each calendar year. Any additional time to be placed on hold from the wheel will require that an attorney be removed from the wheel and re-apply to be added to the rotation.

    To be placed back on the wheel (if requested within 90 days of hold), please complete the reinstatement form.

  8. Do you plan to continue to represent currently appointed clients?*
  9. Are you requesting the Courts to reappoint* currently appointed clients?*
  10. *Note: You are required to file a Motion to Withdraw as Attorney of Record for every pending misdemeanor appointment if you are no longer able to represent the defendant in those cases. Appointments and appearances remain in effect until the Court approves of the withdrawal. Motions to Withdraw may require a hearing before the Court in which the case is pending, in particular for: case(s) set for trial, older case(s), lengthy appointment, etc. Each court will determine whether new counsel will be re-appointed; and if so, will determine who will be re-appointed to each defendant.*
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