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Request for Reinstatement to the Misdemeanor Appointment Wheel (SB7)

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  2. Misdemeanor Appointment Wheel (SB7) Forms

    Bexar County Court Administration

    Dianne D. García-Márquez

    General Administrative Counsel

  3. Request for Reinstatement to the Misdemeanor Appointment Wheel (SB7)

    Please fill out the form completely. County Court Administration will review your request and return the form by filling out the bottom portion with the status of your request. Please note, this form is intended only for attorneys on the misdemeanor appointment wheel. For reinstatement to any of the other appointment wheels, (i.e. felony, juvenile, etc.), please contact the corresponding administrative offices.

    This form only applies to attorneys who have requested a temporary hold that is less than 90 days.

    *If you have not been on the misdemeanor appointment wheel for a period longer than 90 days (whether removal or temporary hold), you must apply using the online wheel application and be approved during the monthly meeting by the County Court Judges.

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