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Temporary Signage Request Form

  1. Temporary Signage Request Form
  2. As per Administrative Policy No. 4.0 adopted by Commissioners Court on March 7th, 1995: temporary signage may now only be posted in common areas of Bexar County owned facilities with approval from Commissioners Court Administration. Signs posted in administrative areas may be approved by the Department Head/Official utilizing the space. A temporary sign shall not be posted for more than two weeks (10 working days).
  3. Written request for the posting of the temporary signage shall be submitted by the Department Head/Official/organization that shall be affected by the notice of information. The written request shall include a statement for the need of temporary signage, the length of time of which the sign shall be posted, and notification of where the signage shall be posted. A sketch or copy of the temporary signage shall be attached to the written request.
  4. This form shall serve as the written notice as stated in the Administrative Policy 4.1. Please complete and submit it, along with a sketch/copy of the temporary signage, for review and approval. Once approved, the Facilities Management Department will schedule the posting of the temporary signage within the county owned or managed facility.
  5. Posting Dates Requested, maximum of 10 working days
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