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1. Do I qualify for a Protective Order and if so, how do I obtain one?
2. How do I file a case with the District Attorney’s Office?
3. I am a victim of a crime in Bexar County, and I need to find out the status of my case at the District Attorney’s Office?
4. I am the victim of a crime with a pending case at the DA’s Office, what should I do if the perpetrator and/or their family have been threatening and harassing me?
5. I am a victim of crime and I would like referrals for local social services such as housing, counseling, support groups, etc. Who do I call?
6. I have incurred bills for things like funeral/burial, medical, counseling, and/or lost wages due to a crime. Can I be reimbursed for my expenses?
7. I have a relative or friend who has been charged with a crime and I would like to find out when they go to court?
8. How can I find out when the defendant in my case gets out of the County Jail?
9. My offender was sent to prison. How do I find out when they are eligible for parole?