Who are Texas Peace Officers?
According to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure 2.12 “Who are Peace Officers”, the following is a list of Texas Peace Officers in the order given: 1. Sheriff and their Deputies, 2. Constable and their Deputies, 3. Marshals or Police Officers, 4. Texas Rangers and Officers commissioned by T.D.P.S., 5. Investigators of the District Attorneys, etc.. For a complete list of Texas Peace Officers, please refer to the listed code.Code of Criminal Procedure, Chapter 2, Article 12

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1. Are Constables and their Deputies "real Cops"?
2. Who are Texas Peace Officers?
3. What is the Constable’s Jurisdiction?
4. Can Constables arrest and conduct traffic stops?
5. What type of training do Constables receive?
6. Who do the Constables work for?
7. What do Constables do?
8. If I have a question about which Constable's Office serves what areas of Bexar County, who can I contact so I can send my court documents to the correct Constable?
9. How does someone get in contact with the office?
10. Do Deputy Constables collect warrant or civil payments over the phone?