How Do I Find Out a Charge and/or Bond?

If the individual has been charged with a:

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1. How Can I Find Arrested Persons or If Someone Is In Custody?
2. How Do I Find Out a Charge and/or Bond?
3. How I Find Bail Bond Companies?
4. How Can I Find an Inmate's System Identification Number (SID)?
5. What is The Phone Number To The Central Magistrate's Office?
6. How Do I Find a Court Date of an Inmate?
7. How Do I Find Out When An Inmate Will Be Released?
8. When Can I Visit The Inmate?
9. How Can I Be Added To The Inmate's Visitation List?
10. How Do I Send Money and/or Care Packages To An Inmate?
11. I'm an Attorney/Bail Bond, How Do I Get Inmate Information?
12. How Can I Find Out If I Have a Warrant?