How is it beneficial to my department or office?
The CDMS system is designed to make all of Bexar County more efficient. The majority of your contracts probably go through the purchasing department; however they are still your contracts. This system would allow you to log on and view any of your contract information without having to go though the tediousness of having other departments find the paperwork and call you back. You will be able to track expiration dates, insurance requirements, subcontractor information and payment information. The system also allows for important documents to be attached as files to each contract. This would allow you to keep pricing and product lists accessible and always attached to its respective contract.

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1. What is CDMS?
2. How is it beneficial to my department or office?
3. Is it only for SMWBE tracking?
4. Will the information I enter be kept confidential? Who will have access?
5. Is this maintained by the purchasing department?
6. Is it mandatory to use this system?
7. What if all my contracts go through purchasing?