How do I become a Bexar County Vendor?

Visit the Bexar County Purchasing Website and go to the Supplier Portal Registration and follow the steps listed. You can contact the Purchasing Department at 210.335.2211.

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1. How do I register my business name or get an Assumed Name: Doing Business As (DBA)?
2. Where do I get an Employer Identification Number (EIN)? Why do I need it for my business?
3. Where do I get a State of Texas sales tax permit?
4. Where can I get information on permits needed for my business?
5. Where can I get training or counseling on starting a business and or writing a business plan?
6. Are there any grants to start a business?
7. How do I certify my business as HUB, SBE, MBE, AABE, HABE, ASBE, NABE, DIBE, DBE, VBE or LGBTE?
8. How do I become a Bexar County Vendor?
9. How do I register to do business with other agencies, school districts or the State or Federal Government?
10. How do I find out about pre-bid meetings, events, trainings and networking events?