What are the daily duties of a fire communications officer?
  • Answers emergency and non-emergency calls from the general public and routes calls to other public safety agency dispatchers as needed
  • Enters call subject matter into computer and prioritizes calls for service
  • Enters all pertinent information regarding all calls for service into the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system
  • Dispatches for all fire departments in unincorporated Bexar County for medical and fire responses
  • Maintains the location of all Fire Department, Fire Marshal and Office of Emergency Management personnel
  • Assigns call requests as a single service (law enforcement or fire/EMS) dispatcher over a two-way radio to law enforcement responders or fire/EMS responders in vicinity to investigate incident or provide assistance
  • Responds to requests for information regarding CAD incident numbers, case numbers, arrival times, citizen addresses and other Public Safety Communications information
  • Researches law enforcement databases to verify information on individuals, such as driver’s license validity, existence of protective orders, missing person stolen/recovered vehicle, warrants, vehicle registration and criminal history
  • Maintains public safety responder location and en route status logs
  • Assists training new employees in procedures for dispatching, radio communications, notification of proper personnel, operation of telecommunication equipment, documentation of calls and other related procedures

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2. What are the daily duties of a fire communications officer?
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