What are the rules that were created for eFiling?

Filing Deadline: Documents electronically filed before midnight on the filing date of the deadline are deemed timely filed. An electronically filed document is deemed filed when transmitted to an approved electronic filing service provider.

  • If filed Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday, it is deemed filed the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday.
  • If a motion and order is required to allow the filing of a document, it is deemed filed on the date the motion is granted.

Electronic Signature: A document can be electronically signed if “/s/” and a name are typed where the signature would appear, or an electronic image or scanned image of the signature is on the document.

Stricken Documents: If a document fails to conform to Rule 21, the court may strike the document, identify the error to be corrected, and state a deadline for the party to resubmit the document in a conforming format. The substitute document must be deemed filed on the same day as the document that was struck.

Local Rule: According to existing local e-filing rules, documents requiring signatures (affidavits, documents requiring opposing party signatures, etc.) must be electronically filed along with the rest of the documents in the case. The filer is responsible to keep the original, and a court may eventually require the document to be filed in a traditional manner with the district clerk. 

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