Is my building is "Grandfathered" from having to meet current codes?
This is a misconception or myth. There are no provisions in either the Local Government Code or the International Fire or Building Codes that allows a building to exist in an unsafe condition. The LOCAL GOVERNMENT, CODE CHAPTER 352. COUNTY FIRE PROTECTION, 352.016. INSPECTION OR REVIEW OF PLAN FOR FIRE OR LIFE SAFETY HAZARDS item (6) specifically indicates that our inspections shall look for inappropriate means of egress, fire protection, or other fire-related safeguard. Additionally, the Fire Code indicates the following:

110.1.1 Unsafe conditions. Structures or existing equipment that are or hereafter become unsafe or deficient because of inadequate means of egress or which constitute a fire hazard, or are otherwise dangerous to human life or the public welfare, or which involve illegal or improper occupancy or inadequate maintenance, shall be deemed an unsafe condition. A vacant structure that is not secured against unauthorized entry as required by Section 311 shall be deemed unsafe.

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