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Synthetic Cannabinoid "Kush Klimax"  "K2" "Spice"

We are seeing a larger number of calls related to synthetic cannabinoids to Fire-EMS. The CHCS Sobering center also has an increase in admissions over the last week and last month for Kush/Climax.  

This IS NOT marijuana but rather a very potent dangerous liquid synthetic cannabinoid that is sprayed onto organic material and smoked.
Our Homeless population is being significantly impacted by a new, more potent synthetic cannabinoids that are being sold as single “joints”  and many may think this is regular marijuana. We know a more potent synthetic cannabinoid is being distributed in the downtown area but it is found throughout the city. This source is MUCH MORE potent than the pre packaged substances that were previously being purchased in “head shops”, gas stations and convenience stores.
Climax/Kush intoxication is clinical a diagnosis obtained from history and physical findings with suspicion of abuse.
No area Hospital can quickly and inexpensively test for synthetic cannabinoids in the urine/blood.
The City/County Unified Public Service Announcement: 
·        Stakeholders within the City of San Antonio and Bexar County have been actively working together to address this issue of a newer and more potent Synthetic Cannabinoid that has hit our streets especially concentrated downtown but is found city wide.

·        The Medical Examiner, Poison Control, the Crime Lab, CHCS Restoration Center, SAFD EMS and our Law Enforcement Partners are all engaged to assist with this community problem.
·        Don’t use this stuff as it is very, very dangerous and can cause life-threatening side effects to include death with a single use.”

·        If you are going to use these substances, try small doses first and be extra careful when using substances from a new source or dealer.
·        Known side effects include psychosis or “Zombie Trance”, combative behavior, palpitations or fast heart beats, high blood pressure, stroke symptoms, seizures and death.
·        Substances sold as marijuana may instead be tobacco, herbs  or leaves sprayed with these dangerous synthetic Cannabinoid concoctions.

·        IF you or an acquaintance overdoses or has severe side effects call 911.

David A. Miramontes MD FACEP  FAEMS NREMT
Medical Director San Antonio Fire Department
Assistant Clinical Professor
Dept. Emergency Health Sciences
4201 Medical Dr Suite 120   San Antonio, TX 78229
Work               210-567-7827
Fax                   210-567-7887
City Cell           210-265-7891
Administrative Assistant
Sonya Magee Jackson


Mental Health Consortium

September 9, 2016
8:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Hope Church
 17903 Corporate Woods Drive
San Antonio, TX 78259

Please MARK your calendar!
As a valued community stakeholder who can contribute to the expansion and improvement of the mental health system of care in Bexar County, you are invited to the next Consortium meeting.
An agenda will be provided in the following weeks.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Melissa D. Lucio, Mental Health Department at
We look forward to your participation.
Thank you!

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