City / County Joint Commission on Elderly Affairs

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 City/County Joint Commission on Elderly Affairs Members 
MembersExpirationAppointment SourceDate of AppointmentTerm (Yr)
Arriaga, Gloria C.10/23/2014Precinct 310/23/20122
Eckert, Betty08/31/2019Precinct 408/22/20172
Ortiz, Alicia J.12/31/2018Precinct 103/22/20162
Tyson, Jerry R.12/31/2015Precinct 210/28/20142
Vasquez, Judge John10/31/2018County Judge10/02/20182
Bexar County Seal
The City/County Joint Commission on Elderly Affairs works to improve the quality of life of seniors in San Antonio and Bexar County through outreach, advocacy, support of Senior Services and resources. The City/County Joint Commission on Elderly Affairs was established in 2002 by the San Antonio City Council and the Bexar County Commissioners Court. After several years of diligent efforts on the part of Bob Ross, former Councilman and community leader, and others, Council and Commissioners Court recognized the need for an advisory commission that would study and report the concerns of an ever-growing Bexar County senior population.