Communication with Detainees

Detainee Mailing Address

[Detainee’s Name and SID number]
[Living Unit location if known]
Bexar County Adult Detention Center
200 N. Comal Street
San Antonio, TX 78207

Please remember that these guidelines are intended to assist in communicating with the detainee while they are incarcerated with the Bexar County Adult Detention Center. Should you need more detailed information concerning detainee mail, please call 210-335-6867.

Detainee Mail Communication

Mail is collected and delivered five (5) days per week (Monday through Friday) except on Federal holidays. Detainees may receive letters in any quantity; however, when contraband is mailed in letters (combs, cigarettes, non-acceptable or excessive photos, and other items deemed inappropriate or contraband, etc.) all of the contents of the mail will be returned to sender with a mail disposition notice indicating the reason the correspondence was not deliverable.

Any mail sent to a detainee after they are released or transferred will be returned to the sender.

Non-privileged correspondence: All incoming mail will be opened and inspected in the mail room. Polaroid pictures or any photo with a cardboard back are not allowed. Detainees are not allowed to possess more than six (6) photos and all correspondence containing more than six (6) photos will be returned to sender. Photos larger than 5” x 7” are not allowed.

Do not send cash, money orders, cashiers checks, or any other such item through the mail. The Bexar County Adult Detention Center Mail Room will return these items to the sender. Please review the Bexar County Inmate Trust Fund page for information on how to send money to a detainee.

Detainees are authorized to receive some publications such as books, magazines, and newspapers as long as they come from a publishing company. Adult magazines such as Playboy, Hustler, etc. are not allowed. Any publications from family, friends, and local bookstores as well as internet sites are prohibited and all items will be returned to the sender.

Approved care packages can be ordered through Keefe SecurePak and will be sent directly to the detainee.

All items sent to detainees through the mail that are considered contraband will be returned to the sender. All illegal items will be confiscated.

Detainees housed in the Adult Detention Center may purchase stationary, envelopes, and postage stamps through the jail commissary.

Certified mail service is available through the mailroom. The detainee is responsible for the required postage.

Detainee Phone Communication

ICSolutions offers two programs to assist with telephone communication with detainees: a Prepaid Collect Calling account and Debit Telephone Account Funding.

The Prepaid Collect Calling account helps to pay for any calls received from a detainee at the Bexar County Adult Detention Facility. Accounts can be opened or funded on the ICSolutions website. Assistance with an account can be reached 24 hours by calling ICSolutions at 888-506-8407 or 210-900-1899.

The Debit Telephone Account Funding allows money to be added to a detainee’s Debit Telephone Account. Once payment is received a detainee is then able to use the funds to call any allowed telephone number. Assistance with funding a Debit Telephone Account can be reached by calling ICSolutions at 888-888-8413.

Bexar County Sheriff's Office

  1. 200 North Comal Street
    San Antonio, Texas 78207
    Administration: 210.335.6010
    Non-Emergency Dispatch: 210.335.6000
    Emergency: 911