Judicial Services

The Judicial Services Division is responsible for providing a variety of services to the citizens of Bexar County and beyond.

The Criminal Warrants Section has the responsibility to serve warrants that are received by the Bexar County Sheriff's Office as well as for the transportation of those wanted who are arrested outside of Bexar County, including extraditions from outside the State of Texas. Those serving criminal warrants have the responsibility to track and verify all active warrants. This Section is staffed by Uniformed Officers who locate dangerous, high profile fugitives from justice. We also work closely with the FBI, U.S. Marshall's Service, DEA, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in an effort to get warrants served or to verify warrants that are still outstanding. The Unit is also staffed with Civilian personnel who work in a collaborative effort with the Uniformed Officers, entering over 37,000 arrest warrants annually.

The Civil Section is charged with the service of all civil process including subpoenas, civil suits, writs, child support, and other legal documents and files issued by a court. The service fees which are charged for this service are set by state law.

The Extradition Transport Section travels all over the United States picking up prisoners who have been arrested by other law enforcement agencies on Bexar County arrest warrants. These Deputies work a very flexible schedule due to travel. The Bexar County Sheriff's Office also has a contract with a private company, which also transports prisoners. The private company is used when they can provide the service at a more economical rate.

The Mental Health Unit works closely with the Civil Courts that issue mental health warrants for individuals who are unable to care for themselves and have demonstrated to be a danger to themselves or others.

Court Security

Justice Center and Courthouse Operations

The Justice Center provides security and support to all courts, elected officials offices and county offices located in the Court Services Complex. Court Services serves more than 50 court rooms, providing courthouse security, operating inmate holdover, facilitating inmate transportation to and from the courts and the Adult Detention Center. Courthouse operations also includes a satellite booking function for nonviolent offenders allowing defendants who have active warrants to be booked and processed and released without transporting to the county jail.

Inmate Transport / Screening Stations

The Inmate Transport deputies operate two full-sized passenger buses, two passenger vans, a van for individuals with disabilities and a patrol car to transport inmates from the Bexar County Jail to the Court Services Complex. The deputies also transport to the Texas Department of Corrections on a weekly basis. The screening stations are in place for all public entrances into the Court Service Complex screening the public and any packages entering the facilities. The screening process is intended to detect and intercept weapons and other prohibited items that individuals attempt to bring into the complex.

Emergency Response Team

The Emergency response Team (ERT) responds to extraordinary events beyond the response capabilities of most individual deputies assigned to this section. This group of highly trained and dedicated Court Services deputies responds to hostage emergency situations, barricaded gunman, active shooter incidents, crowd control and/or civil unrest situation anywhere in the Downtown Court Services Complex Area. The team also provides dignitary protection to VIP's, courtroom security in high-profile or highly sensitive trials and provides prisoner escort for high-risk defendants.

What to expect when visiting the Justice Center and Court House

Visitors who enter the Building will go through a security screening procedure. In order to expedite this process, all visitors will be asked to:

  • Form a single line at the screening station.
  • Empty out pockets and place all contents in the containers.
  • Place purses, bags briefcases, backpacks and parcels on the table for inspection. (Note: Have the listed items unzipped / opened and ready for a thorough inspection.)
  • Walk through the metal detector one visitor at a time as directed.
  • If the metal detector sets off an alarm, the deputy will perform another scan of the visitor. However, this time the deputy will use a hand wand. (All visitors entering the building may be subject to a cursory pat-search, if we can't determine what is making the alarm go off. )
  • Upon completion of the screening process, the visitor will retrieve all of their personal possessions and proceed to their desire office.

Items prohibited in the building include but are not limited to*:

  • Fire Arms, Batons, Brass Knuckles, Stun Guns
  • Knives, Pocket Knives, Razor Blades, Scissors, Carpet or Box Cutters, Razors of any kind
  • Edged Weapons, Letter Openers,
  • Powders, Liquids, Aerosol Spray Cans, Markers
  • Pepper Spray, Mace
  • Bullets, Key Chain Bullets, Laser Pointers, Measuring Tapes
  • Illegal Narcotics
  • Glass Items
  • Tools, Nails or Screws Etc.
  • Cameras, Radios, Tape Recorders
  • Rolled Coins, Handcuff Keys, Pad Locks, Heavy Chain Items
  • Heavy Metallic Belts, Knitting Needles, Corkscrews
  • Wallet Chains, Manicure Kits,
  • Hair picks, Rat tails combs
  • Any other items that Court Services Division personnel feels will compromise the security or integrity of courthouse and courtroom proceedings

*Contraband consists of those items which an individual may legally possess, but are prohibited from being brought into a courthouse. If a visitor is found in possession of items, which constitutes a criminal violation, the items shall be seized and the visitor may be taken into custody or issued a criminal citation, depending on the circumstances.

The Sheriff's Office may ask you to take an item back to your vehicle or throw away an item. The Sheriff's office will NOT safeguard the item for you. If in doubt about a specific item, please leave it at home or in your vehicle

Texas Peace Officers, Federal Agents, Assistant District Attorneys and Attorneys with a Bexar County Clearance on Official Business (work-related) are not required to go through the screening process. However, official credentials and the purpose for their visit is required before admittance into the building.

Additional Court Rules:

  • Must wear proper dress attire.
  • All cell phones and pagers on silent.
  • No smoking, vaping, or e-cigarettes.
  • No recording or taking pictures of any kind in the courtroom.
  • The media will not be allowed to record any court proceedings inside the courtroom, unless the court gives prior approval.
  • No food or drinks of any kind inside the courtroom.
  • No talking while the court is in session unless you are speaking to the judge.
  • The use of caps, hats, and bandanas are prohibited in the courtroom. Caps worn backwards are not allowed in the building's hallway.
  • No sagging of any kind allowed in the building or courtroom.
  • No electronic devices will be used in the courtroom unless the device is required for the court proceeding.
  • If special accommodations are needed, please notify the bailiff prior to the start of court.
  • Disturbances of any kind while court is in session or in the facility may result in a citation being issued, arrest, and or contempt of court.


When civil process is required, including citation(s) notices, writs, orders and other papers issued by the court, the party requesting the service shall be responsible for requesting an update with the Sheriff's Office Judicial Services Section

If a written affidavit is required to perform alternative service (i.e., such as a Rule 106), the requesting party will be responsible for contacting the deputy to insure the affidavit meets the requirements outlined in Rule 106.

Bexar County Sheriff's Office
Judicial Services Division
200 N. Comal, San Antonio, Texas 78207
Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (excluding holidays)

For further information, please contact Judicial Services by phone at 210-335-6030.

Authorized Fees for Service of Civil Process (PDF)