PSA Videos

Here you will find public service announcement videos that provide information and resources on what to do in certain emergency situations.

  1. Preparing for an Emergency

    Preparing for an Emergency

    Learn how to prepare for an emergency with this presentation by the BCOEM's Scott Paul.

  2. Preparing Makes Sense Series

    Preparing Makes Sense Series

    A series of short instructional videos explaining the key steps to emergency preparedness for everyone, for people with disabilities and other access and functional needs, for pet owners, older Americans, for those in Indian country, and military families.

  3. Surviving Disaster Series: How Texans Prepare

    Surviving Disaster Series: How Texans Prepare

    Wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes and flash floods – these are all common occurrences in Texas. Are you prepared? Watch Surviving Disaster: How Texans Prepare and learn from other Texans who have survived these types of disasters. Then make your plan. It happened to them. It could happen to you.

  4. Serie de Videos para Sobrevivir un Desastre

    Serie de Videos para Sobrevivir un Desastre

    Incendios forestales, huracánes, tornados, e inundaciones repentinas – son occurrencias comunes en Tejas. ¿Estás preparado? Vea el video ‘Sobreviviendo un Desastre’: Como Tejanos se preparan y aprenden de otros Tejanos que han sobrevivido este tipo de desastres. Formula tu plan. Les pasó a ellos y te puede pasar a ti.

  5. Everyone Needs a Disaster Communications Plan

    Everyone Needs a Disaster Communications Plan

    This National Preparedness Month, make sure to include a communications plan as part of your emergency preparedness kit.

  6. Including Your Pets in Your Emergency Plans

    Including Your Pets in Your Emergency Plans

    Pets are part of our families. So make sure to include items in your family emergency kit that your pet will need should disaster strike.

  7. Wireless Emergency Alerts

    Wireless Emergency Alerts

    A 30-Second Broadcast Public Service Announcement about Wireless Emergency Alerts brought to you by the Ready Campaign and the Ad Council. // Una emission publica de 30 segundos de alertas de emergencia inalámbrica es presentada por 'Ready Campaign' y el 'Ad Council'.

  8. Hurricanes: American Sign Language Videos

    Hurricanes: American Sign Language Videos

    To help deaf and hearing-impaired persons stay safe before, during, and after a hurricane, CDC offers these American Sign Language (ASL) public service announcement videos.

  9. Fire is Everyone's Fight

    Fire is Everyone's Fight

    Video announcement encouraging families to practice fire-safe cooking and to install and maintain smoke alarms.

  10. Older Adult Fire Safety

    Older Adult Fire Safety

    As you age, your risk of death from fire increases significantly. Practice safe smoking, safe cooking, and safe heating in your home. // Con el paso de los años, su riesgo de muerte por incendio aumenta considerablemente. Practique medidas prudentes de fumar, cocinar, y uso de calefaccion en su hogar.

  11. What To Do About Mold

    What To Do About Mold

    “What To Do About Mold” addresses types of mold, hazards of mold and how to remove mold from your home or business. This video employs American Sign Language, Open Captioning and English Narration. // Si las aguas de inundación han causado daños a su vivienda o negocio, es probable que tenga moho. Si sospecha que hay moho en su hogar o negocio, tome acciones correctivas de inmediato.