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The Fire and Arson Investigations Division works to keep the citizens of Bexar County safe by investigating the origin and cause of fires and explosions, enforcing laws relating to fire and explosives, and by defeating threats against Bexar County's infrastructure and emergency responders. The Division serves as the criminal law enforcement arm of the Bexar County Fire Marshal's Office (BCFMO) and the Office of Emergency Management. The Investigations Division provides the BCFMO with 24-hour investigative response capability 365 days a year through a rotating on-call schedule.

The Investigations Division is currently comprised of five full time Deputy Fire Marshal Investigators supervised by one Chief Investigator. Each investigator carries a case load of approximately 50-70 cases per year. In addition to the full time employees, the unit is supported by several part-time investigators and interns who work on a non-paid basis and volunteer their time to assist the BCFMO. As an integral component of the Division, Accelerant Detection Canine (ADC) "Villy" is trained to detect traces of ignitable liquids at fire scenes for forensic testing.

The Investigations Division is a highly-trained law enforcement unit with rigorous certification requirements. All investigators are sworn and commissioned Texas Peace Officers, with full arrest, search, and seizure authority. Division personnel are criminal investigators who specialize in arson and explosives investigation. In addition to extensive law enforcement and criminal investigative training, all are required to be certified fire and arson investigators by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection, as well as certified fire inspectors. All Fire Marshal Investigators have basic firefighting and rescue training and most are experienced firefighters. Several investigators are certified in Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction response tactics, as well as emergency medical care. All investigators are required to undergo frequent firearms and tactics training as well. The Investigations Division maintains a variety of specialized operational capabilities including a fully equipped regional response vehicle, electronic forensic measures, and both urban and rural surveillance capabilities.

The Investigations Division responds throughout Bexar County and the Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) Region at the request of outside jurisdictions in order to conduct investigations of fire and explosion incidents. If a fire or explosion is determined to be accidental, Fire Marshal Investigators assist in identifying what hazardous conditions or practices, if any, existed which may have contributed to the ignition and spread of the fire. This aids public fire education efforts and, in this manner, similar fires are prevented from occurring in the future.

If a fire or explosion is determined to have been intentionally set or if other criminal conduct is discovered during the course of an investigation, Fire Marshal Investigators will continue to investigate the case until a suspect is identified, located, and apprehended.

Investigators file criminal cases with the Bexar County Criminal District Attorney's Office and continue to work with a prosecuting attorney towards a successful resolution. If a Federal arson or explosives statute is violated then Fire Marshal Investigators will work with Special Agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in order to file the case with the United States Attorney's Office in the Western District of Texas.

In addition, Fire Marshal Investigators conduct numerous training and education classes for fire and law enforcement personnel on a wide variety of topics such as criminal investigations and fire and explosives safety. Investigators teach several classes open to children and the general public on fire safety in general and arson prevention in particular.

To Report a Suspicious Fire:

  • Call Bexar County Fire Marshall at 210-335-0300
  • Call Crime Stoppers at 210-207-7867
  • San Antonio Arson Hotline at 210-227-3473

Remember, you may remain anonymous!


Currently, the Fire and Arson Investigation Division engages in a wide array of activities that are critical to the public's safety: 


  • Conduct Fire and Post-Blast Investigations on:
    • The origin, cause, and circumstances for all significant fire/explosion incidents
    • Injuries and fatalities related to fires/explosions
    • Hazardous Material responses or Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Incidents
  • Conduct criminal investigations into all offenses relating to fire, arson, and explosives, as well as associated crimes such as criminal homicide, insurance fraud, burglary, bomb threats, hoax bombs, and organized criminal activity


  • Enforce laws relating to fire/explosion incidents
  • Apprehend arson and explosive fugitives
  • Obtain and execute search and arrest warrants
  • Carry out background checks on explosive/blaster permit applicants
  • Conduct Threat Assessments for Critical Infrastructure located in unincorporated Bexar County
  • Assist the Fire Prevention Bureau in carrying out fire safety inspections, investigating outdoor burning complaints, and assisting with public nuisance investigations

Training and Outreach

  • Conduct training classes in arson investigation and tactical field care
  • Conduct training classes on fire and explosive safety for area Fire Service, Law Enforcement, and E.M.S. agencies, as well as the Bexar County Criminal District Attorney's Office
  • Conduct public education in arson prevention and awareness, provide fire-safety education to area community groups and school audiences, and participate in career day activities

Regional Support

  • Respond throughout the AACOG Region to support municipal, private, volunteer, and ESD fire departments in their investigation of major fire, arson, and post-blast scenes, and provide continued criminal investigative support as requested
  • Provide technical assistance to the Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office when requested
  • Assist Bexar County Fire Departments in the protection of their assets and personnel

Volunteer Positions Fire Marshal - The State of Texas - County of Bexar - Arson Patch

The Bexar County Fire Marshal's Office accepts, on a limited basis, applications for Part-Time Fire Investigators (Volunteer Position). Applications are thoroughly reviewed and only accepted as needed. The BCFMO conducts an intensive background investigation on all applicants and has the right to reject or disqualify applicants for justifiable reasons. Applicants must possess experience, training and certification relevant to the position and must maintain a required minimum number of service hours. This application should be completed in conjunction with a current resume. If you have any questions concerning this application please contact the Fire Marshal's Office at 335-0300.

To Apply: Volunteer Application for Investigators (PDF)