Supplier Portal/Vendor Registration

On behalf of the Bexar County Purchasing & Procurement Agent, we invite you to register in the Bexar County supplier portal. Doing so will open the door to doing business with Bexar County and will fulfill the requirement for payment upon receipt of goods and/or services. 

By registering, you will automatically receive bid notifications based on the commodity codes that are selected by your company and attached to the supplier record during the registration process. Please see the presentation for information on how to register in the Bexar County supplier portal.

Reminder: We require a signed copy of your W-9 for payments, the Diversity Codes for meeting certain requirements on work should they be requested, and the Commodity Codes for selecting which businesses to solicit for specific bids or events that we have available through the County. This information is kept confidential. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Registration Resources