Human Resources

Our Mission

The mission of Bexar County CSCD is to promote the safety of the community at all times, and to provide for the protection of society by reducing the incidence of criminal activity of the offender placed on community supervision.

Our mission is to be achieved through the rehabilitation and social reintegration of the offender through community-based sanctions and/or services whenever and wherever possible, and through the professional and cooperative utilization of resources within the community.

Our Commitments

The philosophy of our agency is to instill and facilitate a positive change in offenders’ behaviors by means of counseling, guidance, assistance, surveillance and restraint.  We shall also hold offenders accountable for their own actions and take affirmative steps to intercede and promptly remove from the community those offenders who, by their own conduct, continue to show an inability or unwillingness to adhere to the law or to remain within the bounds of our community and society.

We dedicate ourselves to enhance public protection and safety through all facets of the Criminal Justice System and their related components and services. We strive for the highest level of professional standards to accomplish our mission and goals to serve with honor and dedication for the people of the community.