disabled vetOur Bexar County MVSC Team will provide you with information and resources on opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills, desirable qualities of behavior and character, wisdom, and general competence that will enable you to enhance or change careers following your military service and fully participate in and enjoy the social, political, economic, and intellectual life of your new civilian community.

Educational Resources:

GI Bill

Provided by: U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs: Education and Training

The GI Bill is a federal education benefit provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs available for eligible Veterans and service members. The benefit is designed to help service members and eligible Veterans cover the costs associated with getting an education or training. The GI Bill has several programs and each is administrated differently depending on a person's eligibility and duty status.

Hazlewood Act

Provided by: State of Texas: Hazelwood Act

The Hazlewood Act is a State of Texas benefit that provides qualified Veterans, spouses, and dependent children with an education benefit of up to 150 hours of tuition exemption, including most fee charges, at public institutions of higher education in Texas. This does NOT include living expenses, books, or supply fees.

Note: If you wish to save money on purchasing books, try other resources such as the internet and discount bookstores.