Mission Statement and Goals


Our vision is to inspire and enrich an offender’s mind in order to eliminate criminal behavior.


The mission of the Bexar County Community Supervision and Corrections Department is to empower our staff, Bexar County Criminal Justice System, and community through sentencing options that will effectively utilize resources, equipping offenders with optimal foundations to change their lives while assisting with providing a safer community.



The CSCD strives to provide excellent service for victims of crime; supervise offenders with fairness; respect the community at large through commitment and integrity for all those we serve.

Long Range Goals

  • Develop professional working relationships with community organizations and agencies to promote continued effective dialogue with the Bexar County CSCD in order to maximize quality and quantity of services offered to the offender.
  • Develop regional offices within the Bexar County CSCD boundaries for closer proximity to the offender's home environment which will enable ease of supervision and accessibility for offenders to services provided.
  • Increase community involvement in establishing quality intervention programs that will meet the objective of reducing recidivism and make neighborhoods safer.
  • Develop quality sentencing alternatives for county and district courts, which satisfies both the community and the needs of the specialized offender.
  • Evaluate the efficacy of programs by utilizing data collection methods and to continuously analyze results for the validation of program design.
  • To pursue an increase in restitution collection for victims the CSCD will encourage compliance with court ordered victim restitution through the use of available incentives.