Information Technology

The primary activity for most offices and departments of Bexar County is to provide services for the citizens of Bexar County. Here at Bexar County Information Technology (BCIT), our customers are the numerous offices and departments that make up the Bexar County government. We provide Bexar County departments and offices with the computing and communication services they need to work efficiently and effectively. We're here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to keep Bexar County's technological systems working at peak proficiency.

We hope that these web pages will be useful to our visitors. Here you can find out about the BCIT organization and how the divisions comprising it work. You can read about Bexar County's complex technical environment. We have outlined some of our most strategic programs and projects for you, and provided data on requesting public information from Bexar County.

We're BCIT - here to serve Bexar County departments and offices, so they can serve you.

Mission Statement

Provide high quality technology that enables efficiency, effectiveness and innovation in Bexar County.

Vision Statement

To lead in technological excellence and innovation.

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