SMWBE Advisory Committee

The Small, Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (SMWBE) Program Advisory Committee functions in an advisory capacity and shall make recommendations to the Commissioners Court on various issues and policies concerning and impacting the SMWBE Program and its activity.

In addition, the SMWBE Advisory Committee develops reporting and monitoring systems to determine SMWBE participation in all County funded departments, offices, agencies, entities, facilities and special projects.

The committee is composed of 15 members collectively, with each Commissioner appointing 3 for their own staff. Members are appointed as outlined in Bexar County Administrative Policy No. 8.0 for a term of two years.

Board Members

Appointed by County Judge Nelson W. Wolff:

  • Frank Dunn
  • Jane Gonzalez
  • Joe Linson, Opportunities Subcommittee Chair

Appointed by Commissioner Sergio "Chico" Rodriguez, Precinct 1:

  • Mary Lupe Arana
  • Harold Orosco
  • Miyoung Squire

Appointed by Commissioner Paul Elizondo, Precinct 2:

  • Daniel Barrett, Vice Chair
  • Manuel Villa, Outreach Subcommittee Chair
  • Ramiro Cavazos

Appointed by Commissioner Kevin A. Wolff, Precinct 3:

  • Amy Browning
  • Chris Forbrich, Chair
  • Rosa Maria Gonzalez, Certification Subcommittee Chair

Appointed by Commissioner Tommy Calvert, Precinct 4:

  • Margaret Wilson-Anaglia
  • Crystal Darby
  • Grace Rose Gonzales, Policy Subcommittee Chair

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