Macdona Plaza Park

Improvement Project Receives $1.2 Million in Funding for Community Development

Macdona Plaza Park Improvement Project, a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing community spaces, is set to receive a significant boost with $1.2 million in Community Development Block Grant – Coronavirus (CDBG-CV) funding.  

Addressing the concerns of the community, the Macdona Plaza Park Improvement Project aims to combat the issue of dumping within the park. The revitalization efforts will create an environment that discourages such activities, promoting cleanliness and civic pride. The project's first phase entails designing and constructing park improvement amenities, including new fencing and ADA-compliant sidewalks. 

Commissioner Clay-Flores is thrilled to embark on the Macdona Plaza Park Improvement Project, which will elevate the quality of life for our community members.  These enhancements will not only provide recreational opportunities but also contribute to the overall attractiveness of our neighborhood. The Commissioner has expressed her sincere gratitude to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for their generous funding and looks forward to celebrating the project's progress with our dedicated partners.  

The Macdona Plaza Park Improvement Project symbolizes the commitment of Bexar County to invest in creating inclusive and thriving spaces for all residents. As the project moves forward, it promises to cultivate an environment that fosters community engagement, physical well-being, and a deep appreciation for the natural surroundings.

For more information and updates on the Macdona Plaza Park Improvement Project, please contact the Bexar County Parks & Recreation Department at (210) 335-7275.

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