ADR Docket

8:30 am Docket Setting Procedure Guide

If you have any questions regarding this guide, you may contact the Jury Assignment Office at 210-335-2520.

  • All hearings on the ADR Docket are set at 8:30 AM on Wednesdays and Thursdays, BUT NOT EVERY Wednesday and Thursday also excluding county holidays. (Some dockets may be capped; in which case, settings will be moved to subsequent dockets.)
  • The ADR court rotates every three (3) months. Check with the Jury Assignment (JA) Office for court assignments.
  • All motions, orders or other documents must be e-filed unless you are a self-represented litigant. If you are self-represented, you must deliver all motions, orders or other documents for the ADR Docket to the JA Office located on the 4th floor of the Bexar County Courthouse.
  • Three (3) days notice is required for an ADR setting – weekends, legal and local holidays observed not included.
  • If a mediator is agreed upon by all parties, three (3) days prior to the setting one of the parties must notify the ADR Attorney (210-335-3930) with the name of the mediator, how the fee will be split, the deadline for mediation (45 days prior to trial), and a provision authorizing sanctions for non-compliance. This will excuse the parties from appearing at the docket.
  • If no one appears at the ADR Docket, and a written agreement has not been presented, the court will order mediation and select a mediator at random from a list of qualified mediators.
  • Mediation must be completed 45 days prior to the jury trial setting.
  • All mediator reports can be faxed to 210-335-1217, hand-delivered, or mailed to the JA Office.

8:30 AM ADR Docket Motions

The following is a list of types of motions that are set on the ADR Docket at 8:30 AM:
  • Referral to Mediation
  • Expedited Mediation
  • Set Specific Date for Mediation
  • Opposition for Referral to Mediation
  • Set Aside Order of Referral to Mediation
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