Monitoring Court

8:30 am Docket Setting Procedure Guide

The following guide is a quick outline of types of motions set on Bexar County's Monitoring Court Centralized Docket System and is not intended to replace the Local Rules.

  • All hearings in Monitoring Court are set at 8:30 AM with the Civil Jury Assignment's Office.
  • All motions filed with the Civil Jury Assignment's Office must include an ORDER, FIAT, or NOTICE OF HEARING.
  • Three (3) days notice is required -- weekends, legal, and local holidays observed not included.
  • All parties shall deliver Motions in Limine, Motions to Realign Parties or Equalize Peremptory Strikes, and a Proposed Jury Charge to all other parties by noon on the last business day prior to trial.

8:30 AM Docket Motions

The following is a list of types of motions that are set in Monitoring Court at 8:30 AM:
  • Accelerated/Advanced Trial Setting
  • Continuance of Trial
  • Designate Case as Complex
  • Docket Control Order
  • Level III Discovery Control Plan
  • Preferential Setting
  • Scheduling Order
  • Set on Jury and ADR Dockets
  • Special Setting
  • Strike Jury Demand
  • Trial on the Merits (with a ready announcement of more than one (1) day)
  • Withdrawal of Counsel (on eve of trial)

Monitoring Court Information

If you have any questions regarding this guide, you may contact the Jury Assignment Clerk at 210-335-2520.