Jury Reimbursement Donation Program

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Donation of Jury Service Reimbursement

On behalf of the Judges and the Central Jury, we want to thank you for your service.

Pursuant to Texas Government Code§ 61.003, you have the option of donating all or a fraction of your juror reimbursement to the charitable programs listed.

You will be paid $6.00 for the first day you are on duty as a prospective juror and $40.00 for each day thereafter.

If you wish to donate all or a fraction of your reimbursement, please click here for the juror donation form and fill out with the amount of your donation. This contribution is strictly voluntary.

Thank you,
Julieta R. Schulze
Chief Central Jury Bailiff

Charitable Programs

The Bexar County Child Welfare Board, that serves abused and neglected children by providing cribs to protect babies from child death.

The Bexar County Veterans Treatment Court, that provides Justice-Involved Veterans with treatment in lieu of incarceration and affords them a second chance to become productive citizens.

Crime Victims Compensation Fund, that is administered by the Office of the Attorney General for compensation to victims of violent crime. Victims are provided financial assistance for crime-related expenses that cannot be reimbursed by insurance or other sources.

Bexar County Family Center Foundation