About Civil Courts Section

The Civil Courts Section is responsible for maintaining the civil courts' daily non-jury dockets on all civil and family matters.

The Civil Courts have two (2) Child Support Courts that are presided over by two (2) appointed Associate Judges. These courts handle child support cases filed by the Attorney General's office only.

The Civil Courts have two (3) Child Abuse & Neglect Courts presided over by two (3) appointed Associate Judges. The courts handle matters pertaining to emergency protection cases, and the terminations and adoptions cases deriving from the emergency protection cases. These courts were a national model, the first courts of their kind in Texas and the second in the nation designed with children in mind.

  • To request a non-jury court setting or hearing, please contact the presiding court clerk at 210-335-2000 for more information.
  • To request a setting or hearing before a jury, please contact the jury assignment clerk at 210-335-2520.
  • In order to request a court setting or hearing with the Children's Courts, please contact 210-335-2768.

Attorney Notifications

If you would like to notify the presiding court of your vacation or unavailability dates as required by local rule 10a, you may do so via the Attorney Unavailability Form

It is only necessary to submit your unavailability dates once. This notification will be entered into the attorney database and will be linked to all District Court cases, civil or criminal.

You may view all unavailability dates input into the attorney database by accessing Bexar County's Attorney Database.