Attorney Resources

  1. Adult Criminal
  2. Attorney Application
  3. Direct Deposit Information
  4. Juvenile
  5. Mental Health


District Attorney Information

  1. District Attorney Email Addresses for Electronic Service (eFiling)

Misdemeanor Fee Study

  1. Managed Assigned Counsel Misdemeanor Pay Proposal
  2. Fee Study Stats



  1. Vendor Request Form
  2.  W-9 Form

misdemeanor Voucher forms

  1. Misdemeanor Voucher
  2. DWI and DV Itemized Misdemeanor Voucher
  3. Third Amended Joint Order Revising Fee Schedule (2023-SO-11)
  4. Joint Order Revising Fee Schedule (2019-SO-07) - Pre 5/1/23

Felony Vouchers Forms

  1. Felony Fee Schedule and Guidelines May 1st 2023
  2. Felony Voucher Form (**In order to e-sign on signature line, do not open this link in your browser. Download this file and open it using File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac))
  3. In Court Itemization Form
  4. Out of Court Itemization Form

Additional Resources

  1. Private Investigator List
  2. Bexar County Courtroom Technology Guide

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