Managed Assigned Counsel

The Managed Assigned Counsel model is responsible for the assignment of qualified attorneys to represent criminally-accused indigent people in Bexar County. The MAC was established to comply with the Bexar Indigent Defense Plan, Fair Defense laws, and the Texas and US Constitutions. This structure will support assigned counsel with holistic defense including case coordination, litigation support, and technology innovation for the best possible outcomes!


is to support ethical, effective, and zealous client-centered representation to the people of Bexar County, regardless of economic status.


is to ensure equal justice for all.

On October 1, 2021, Bexar County approved the creation of a managed assigned counsel system for court-appointed lawyers in Bexar County. The MAC office was proposed to enhance the quality of representation of indigent people accused of crimes in Bexar County. When fully operational, we will be the largest MAC office in the State of Texas and will include juvenile indigent defense, mental health services, and an on-site immigration attorney.