Simplified Lab Report Format

The Bexar County Criminal Investigation Laboratory will continue to report the following information, at a minimum:

  • a title;
  • name and address of the laboratory;
  • unique identification that all its components are recognized as a portion of a complete report and a clear identification of the end;
  • the name of the customer;
  • a description, unambiguous identification, and, when necessary, the condition of the item(s);
  • the date of receipt of the test item(s);
  • the date of issue of the report;
  • the results with, where appropriate, the units of measurement;
  • identification of the person(s) authorizing the report;
  • where applicable, the measurement uncertainty presented in the same unit as that of the measure and on in a term relative to the measure and (e.g. percent) when it is relevant to the validity or application of the test results;
  • where appropriate, opinions and interpretations.

The simplified laboratory reports may not include:

  • the location of performance of the laboratory activities;
  • identification of the method used;
  • the date(s) of performance of the laboratory activity;
  • reference to the sampling plan or sampling method used by the laboratory;
  • a statement to the effect that the results relate only to the items tested or sampled;
  • additional to, deviations, or exclusions from the method;
  • clear identification when results are from external providers (NOTE: the Bexar County Criminal Investigation Laboratory does not subcontract with external providers for work performed);
  • information on specific test conditions;
  • a statement of conformity with requirements or specifications;
  • additional information that may be required by specific methods, authorities, customers or groups of customers.

Any relevant information not included in the simplified laboratory reports are available within the laboratory.