Prospective Attorneys

Who Can Receive Appointments on The Misdemeanor Attorney Wheel?

  • Licensed practicing attorneys in good standing of the State Bar of Texas
  • Attorneys with a minimum of six hours of CLE in the area of Criminal Law and an immigration component

How Does the Wheel Work?

The Misdemeanor Attorney Wheel (or Rotation) Has Been Designed to Equally Distribute a Defendant's Misdemeanor Cases to The Next Attorney on The List. This Is to Ensure that All Attorneys Generally Receive an Equal Distribution Among Appointments. However, There Are Exceptions. County Court Judges May Deviate from The Rotation and Appoint (or Reappoint) for Reasons in Accordance to The Bexar County Courts-At-Law Local Rules, Including for Good Cause.

For more information regarding the Misdemeanor Attorney Wheel, please refer to the Bexar County Court Indigent Defense Plan.

How Do I Apply for The Misdemeanor Attorney Wheel?

Applications for The Misdemeanor Attorney Wheel Can Be Completed Online. Once Your Application Has Been Submitted, the County Court Judges Will Vote on The Application and Must Be Approved by A Majority Vote. Judges' Meetings Typically Occur the Third Wednesday of Each Month. if The Judges Approve Your Application, You Will Be Notified by County Court Administration that Your Application Has Been Approved and You Will Be Placed on The Rotation Effective Immediately.

How Do I Get Paid?

Attorneys may submit a voucher at the time of disposition with Court where the case was heard. The Clerks of the Court will forward the voucher to the Auditor's Office for payment. Fees that can be claimed can be found on our Fee Schedule

Attorneys that are approved for the misdemeanor wheel should contact the Auditor's Office in order to be set up for payment. To expedite the onboarding process, fill out the  W-9 and Vendor Request Forms below and send them to Yesenia Rocha at For any questions regarding these forms or payment, please contact Ms. Rocha by calling (210) 335-2243 or emailing her directly.

Auditor's Forms for Attorneys

New attorneys to the wheel should fill out the forms below and submit to the Auditor's Office to avoid delay in payment.