Bexar County Odyssey Portal

Notice for Portal Registration

Please note that the registration system on the portal is for justice partners and Texas-licensed attorneys use only.  Justice partners include, but are not limited to, Office of the Attorney General, Public Defender, Medical Examiner and other authorized agencies.  If you are not one of these authorized entities, please do not register - registration from unauthorized sources will be promptly denied.    

County Clerk Access Info & Forms

District Clerk Access Info & Forms

Agency Instruction for Requesting Extended Access

To apply for the new Bexar County Portal, Agencies/Organizations will need to designate an Agency Account Coordinator, who will coordinate the User’s responsibilities of the application process, i.e. registering online and signing the User Agreement Form, and submitting the required application documents to the County Clerk or District Clerk of Bexar County. Please review the lists below for which Clerk's office to submit your request to. Once the application has been submitted, approved, and processed, Users will be able to use the new Bexar County Portal to gain elevated access to court records.

Elevated Access

Signing up for elevated access in Portal is a two step process which can be completed in any order. An account needs to be created in Portal by registering and requesting the elevated role. The required forms need to be submitted to the County or District Clerk for review and approval. Once those steps are completed your request will be granted. 

  1. Create your user account in Portal. See QRG for steps.
  2. Submit forms to the County or District Clerk.

Bexar County Portal FAQ

Are all cases on Portal?

Both the County Clerk’s Office and District Clerk’s Office have certain case types that have been deemed “secured”. These secured case types will not be available on the portal, including any hearings associated with cases of these types.

District Clerk Secure Case Types:

  • Adoption
  • Adoption/Adoption W/Termination
  • Application Disclosure Adoption Records
  • Child In Need Of Supervision Juvenile (CINS)
  • Child Protection
  • Communicable Disease (H&S Code Sec 81.151)
  • Emergency Protection & Termination
  • Emergency Protection Suit
  • Gestational Parenting
  • Investigation Of Child Abuse
  • Investigation Of Child Abuse Or Neglect
  • Judicial Bypass
  • Mental Examination
  • Mentally Ill
  • Minor's Account
  • Motion To Obtain Death Certificate
  • Non Existing Number
  • Participate In Services To Alleviate Child Abuse Or Neglect
  • Termination & Adoption
  • Termination Of Parental Rights

Are document images available on Portal?

Not at this time.

What is the Preferred Browser to use with Portal


What is elevated access?

Elevated access allows the District Clerk’s Office and/or County Clerk’s Office to grant specific user groups access to an increased level of information. Currently, this applies to Attorneys with increased access to Party Information including the ability to see all attorneys on a case, not just the lead. Other groups with current elevated access include Justice Partners such as Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, Office of the Attorney General, Department of Family Protective Services, Medical Examiner’s Office, and others. Access levels and roles are controlled by both the County Clerk’s Office and District Clerk’s Office. 

As an attorney, when I search by my name, I see no cases.

As an attorney, to see all cases or hearings it is best to search with bar number, removing any leading zeros when searching with a bar number.

Is a separate request for elevated access required for County Clerk’s Office and District Clerks Office?

Yes. Each Clerk’s Office works independently and may have different rules, qualifications, or business uses for elevated access. 

Submit to County Clerk

  • Attorney
  • Bondsman
  • Medical Examiner
  • Public Defender

Submit to District Clerk

  • Bondsman
  • DFPS - Court Reporter
  • Linebarger
  • OAG